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Your deck is an extension of your home…

You may want your deck for entertaining business clients at your home, or for enjoying the wildlife in your garden.  Maybe for extending the summer use of your house outside, or family dinners and barbecues. Maybe just a place to relax and enjoy the weather.

Maybe you need a lit space to enjoy the long summer evenings playing board games, or sipping wine next to your built in gas fireplace.

At Barrier Fence and Deck, we have the creativity to customize a unique space to suit your needs and with a variety of budgets.

Get From Here to There…

Multilevel-DeckMany houses have decks off of an upper floor, and often a walkout basement.  This trend is getting more and more popular in the new subdivisions where yard space is at a premium, but an often overlooked detail is stairs from the top deck down to your yard.

If you’re on the deck and decide on a game of horseshoes, you’d have to walk in through the house, down the basement and out the walkout doors, or through the side door, out the driveway and then through the back gate, and then back up when it’s time to enjoy your meal.

Whether building new or modifying a current deck, don’t forget to consider and include the stairs necessary to make the most of your outdoor space.  We have experience with straight, platformed and spiral staircases to make the most of your space, and design aesthetics to match the current or future style of your landscaping.

Your home is your castle…

Front-Residential-GateAre you planning to put up a front gate for security, or to keep the kids and pets in, or unwanted visitors out?  Is it for safety reasons, or for grandeur and maximum visual impact?

Will your gate be used to lead from your driveway to your back yard, or to lead into your pool area, or is your gate for maximum impact and motorized at the entry to your driveway?

Barrier Fence and Deck has the experience and expertise to complete your project with your goals in mind.  We know the right questions to ask to design your fence and gate to meet your goals, both functionally and visually.  Ask to see our portfolio of completed projects and products available from our most popular suppliers.

Fence your yard for Functionality and Design…

Residentail-Work-imageIt’s nothing new for someone to put up a fence, but we set ourselves apart by taking time with you to consider your goals for functionality.

Is it to keep kids or pets in?  Keep creatures away from your garden?  It is to match your neighbours or to bring your unique character to your neighbourhood?

What is your style, what are the current trends, and what is your target budget?

We’re happy to take a few extra moments when helping you design your fence because your satisfaction is our greatest referral tool.

A few pictures of our Residential Work:

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