Commercial Work

Protect your agricultural investment:

Agricultural fence Keep your livestock protected and secure with a wide variety of fence and gate solutions from Barrier Fence and Deck. 

With many options to choose from, we’re happy to meet with you and help you determine the best solution to meet your goals.

Maybe your goal isn’t to keep livestock in, but rather to keep predators out and away from your livestock or to keep wild animals from eating your valuable crops.

You’ve invested a lot into your farm already, not only financially but in time and energy – blood sweat and tears, and we want to work with you to find a solution to protect your investment.

In many cases, a farm has been in the family for multiple generations. We’d be happy to discuss providing a fence or gate solution to protect your investment for many generations to come.


Make a lasting first impression:

Industrial Cantilever fence installation

Your entrance gate may be the first impression a new or existing client has of your office or business and why not make a lasting first impression with an automatic cantilever gate.

If you have or are considering a cantilever gate for your building, your clients will get a first impression of your company far before they walk into your office, or even your front entrance.

Make a lasting impression with smooth functionality combined with security by installing a cantilever gate for your office of business location.

We have many styles to choose from to make the right first impression – either with a focus on high-end security, a focus on cosmetics or a professional combination of both.

Don’t forget, this may also be the lasting impression someone has of your business when leaving!


Efficient temporary fencing solutions to suit your needs:


Not everything is built to last, and at times, that’s intentional.  With a low-cost efficient installation of a temporary fence, you’ll be making the most efficient use of installation time as well as your budget until you’ve determined if or what you’d like to install permanently.

Temporary fencing can also be seasonal, for example, putting up snow fence to protect traffic ways, driveways and frequently used doorways at your facility, or to temporarily fence off a yard.  We also offer fence panels for work areas while a new building is being built or while a current building is under construction.

Barrier Fence and Deck also offers very short-term temporary solutions for events like block parties or for crowd control, backstage areas and traffic flow at outdoor events.

Temporary fences come in many different heights and designs, and we’re confident we can find the most effective and efficient solution for your needs.


Commercial Chain-link solutions:


Chain-link is perfect for creating a strong and secure physical barrier that allows you to retain your sight lines, like on a sports field, school yard or playground. Additionally, it offers security, and is one of the most cost-efficient (and time efficient) options available for your fencing project.

Our commercial-grade fence is economical, rust resistant and can stand up to the test in sports fields, residential properties and commercial buildings and along railroads, pedestrian bridges or walkways.

Increase safety for your workers and property, while reducing liability and safety concerns for pedestrians and vehicles passing by.

Chain link bas been proven to reduce risk of vandalism to property and equipment that is stored outdoors.

Commercial Iron: Where functionality, Security and visual appeal meet…

Commercial-IronworkFunctionality, security and visual appeal intersect with commercial iron fences and gates.

Want to make a lasting visual impact and stand out from other buildings in your area? Consider iron for your fencing material.

Iron is stable, durable, and able to withstand the impact of windy and  cold Canadian winters, humid summers and quick changes in temperature and humidity in spring and fall.

Iron offers many styles and designs to choose from, and we’d be happy to meet you on site to discuss solutions to get the exact combination of visual impact and security you’re looking for.

Looking for the ultimate in privacy for your business?

BFD2For a natural, welcoming look with plenty of versatility and privacy, consider a wood fence for your commercial property.

Whether you’re looking for mid-level security, cosmetics, privacy or a combination of all, wood fences offer the ultimate in customization and visual appeal, with privacy as a top priority.

Imagine the productivity increase from your employees if they can sit out on a welcoming patio surrounded by wooden privacy fence.  They get a breath of fresh air on lunch and breaks, but still have privacy and solitude rather than seeing passing vehicles or pedestrians, and return to work refreshed and rejuvenated.

If you’re the landlord or property manager, your tenants will feel secure and will enjoy their privacy, making your property more valuable and allowing for longer and higher-quality tenants.

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